Brain Games

Brain Games: A variety of amusing puzzles, activities and creative challenges to stimulate different parts of the brain. Bring clip board, paper, pencil and a sense of humour. Attendance limit 20 people

Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud: Reading aloud to others is a great way of sharing plays, books and short stories, and an opportunity to listen and reflect on other times, other viewpoints, other possibilities. The convenor initiates the program, but participants also have the Read more

Current Affairs

Current Affairs: A theme is discussed for the first 30 minutes and then 30 minutes is devoted each to domestic affairs and to International Affairs, not necessarily in that order. All are invited to attend to listen , participate or Read more

Drama Group

Drama Group: Develop the skills of Body & Sensory awareness – Listening skills, Memory, Observation skills, Body language skills, Learning to think on your feet, Creative thinking, Commanding & sharing focus, Learning to give positive feedback, Play building skills, Interpretive skills, Read more


Balance‘n’Bones: Gentle aerobic, balancing and stretching exercises for both men and women. Due to demand, two sessions are now held weekly, but you may register and must remain in one class only (limit 20 persons each class). Excelsior Hall (enter Read more