The U3A Network NSW

The U3A Network NSW Inc is an organization of 67 autonomous U3A groups in NSW and the ACT, and 14 interstate U3As. Its aims and Objectives are:

§  To provide information, advice and relevant services to member U3As, and to encourage their involvement in the wider community, while recognizing their autonomy;

§  To encourage co-operation and networking between member U3As, and as far as practicable, with other U3A organizations  in Australia and internationally;

§  To support the formation of U3As within the State of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory;

§  To promote the U3A movement by publicizing it through various media;

§  To represent member U3As at State and National levels;

§  To establish and maintain links with educational and Seniors’ organizations;

§  To co-operate with and seek support from relevant sources for applied research into life-long learning and related aspects of ageing.


The member U3As are represented on the Network Committee by regional representatives. Our region (South Coast) is represented by Margaret Stratton (Tel: 4367 3161, email:, a member of Northern Illawarra U3A.

The Network is part of U3A Alliance Australia, a loose national alliance of U3A Networks in all States, the ACT and U3AOnline.   The Alliance was initiated at the 2008 Network Conference at Warilla.  Ron Browne of our U3A was its first convenor and National Chair.

The U3A Network NSW offers the following services for its members:                

·        A Group Public Liability Insurance Policy, covering authorised  U3A activities  

·        Copyright, Performing and Recording licence cover for authorized U3A activities 

·        A Resource Library of courses available to U3As

·        Newslink, a quarterly newsletter, with news and views from and for U3A        Committees of Management

·        A website, at, with sub-domain sites for member U3As,       and links to interstate and international U3As

·        Website production support for member U3As

·        A consultative role when requested by individual U3As.

·        Supply of a comprehensive Starter Kit for groups wishing to start a U3A in their community.